Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obama plans to ruin your summer vacation

Kids who creepily sang Obama's praises the other day: might want to rethink that. Obama wants to amputate your summer break.
"Now, I know longer school days and school years are not wildly popular ideas," the president said earlier this year. "Not with Malia and Sasha, not in my family, and probably not in yours. But the challenges of a new century demand more time in the classroom."

The president, who has a sixth-grader and a third-grader, wants schools to add time to classes, to stay open late and to let kids in on weekends so they have a safe place to go.
Just give the plan a snappy title--No Child Left Outside?--and watch it sail through Congress.

In all seriousness, reconfiguring the summer break is way, way overdue.


Hall Monitor said...

This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

Infernobones95 said...

wait? so when do i get to go to debate tounaments

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

obama is way cooler then ur face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hes amamamamamamamazing!!!

Anonymous said...

notice that the obama cultist democraps posted at exactly 11:34 the inverse of "hEll" on a clock :]

The Bandit said...

Oh ho ho, Anon, YOU ARE SO CLEVER.

Really, do you have nothing better to say then insult supporters of the president, then spout some random crap about the time said supporters posted and it being related to hell?

You, sir, are an idiot.