Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a very beefcake fundraiser

Vashon Island dads are baring it all to keep their local school district from cutting staff. No, this is not my attempt at pitching a script:
"By day they are attorneys and bankers, at night they are windsurfers, kayakers, farmers, musicians, cyclists," said Kris Thompson who calls herself a co-producer on the project.

What exactly is the project you may ask?

It's a beefcake calendar, "a la Calendar Girls...if you know the story," said Thompson.

This group commutes daily on the ferry from Vashon Island to downtown Seattle and that's where they came up with the idea. So naturally they've dubbed themselves, "The Dreamboats."

Each month of the calendar features one of the Dreamboats posing in the buff, with their personal areas covered by props from their individual hobby of choice.
They hope to raise $10,000.

Whatever they earn, is the Vashon School District going to take the money? You bet they are.

P.S. Not to rain on their parade or anything, but unless they inspire an army of supporters to join their efforts, $10,000 isn't going to save even one position. Which is sad.


Kris said...

Thanks for posting our story! You're right; $10K is a drop in the bucket compared to the total budget deficit. But perhaps we will inspire other groups on the island to come up with their own creative fundraising ideas. One thing leads to another...

Jim Anderson said...

Desperate times, as they saying goes, require beefcake calendars.

If this gambit fails, the group could always threaten to publish an unedited version unless the District ponies up...

(I kid. Mostly.)