Thursday, October 09, 2008

standards-based grading: coming to a school near me

I read about North Thurston's switch to standards-based grading in elementary schools...
Teachers no longer will include homework or students' behavior as part of a letter grade; the mark only will represent the student's learning achievement, measured by test scores, key assignments and observations. Work habits, homework and behavior will be evaluated separately.

Other changes include:

• Late assignments will not reduce a grade

• Extra credit or bonus points also will not typically factor into the grade

• Grades will not be based on attendance

• Homework will not be factored into grades, but rather used as practice and to guide teachers on what to focus on.

• Grades will be organized by standards or learning goals rather than on one specific subject. For example, the third grade report card will measure students' reading skills based on fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
... and the next day was asked to read a slightly overgrown pamphlet about standards-based grading "fixes," including all the changes listed above. The goal: prepare me to participate in a book group examining Capital's assessment practices.

I detect a trend.

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