Thursday, March 08, 2007

oh goody: proctor!

Once again, it's time to proctor the WASL. Pressure's on next week, when ambitious freshfolks, nervous sophomores, and begrudged juniors will demolish several forests of pencils and sweat out an ocean of perspiration, all in the hopes of being good enough, maybe just good enough for government approval.

OSPI is going all out for testing security, even more than years past. (Read this handy PowerPoint if interested in the details.) Most of the rules are commonsense: don't help students answer questions, don't change answers for them, don't let them txt msg their answers to buddies down the hall. One new rule, though, irks me.
Many students carry backpacks and purses. These must be placed a distance from the student so that items may not be retrieved without leaving the seat.
Now, instead of quietly unzipping a satchel to pull out Atlas Shrugged, my proto-libertarian has to get up and walk across the classroom, creating an even bigger distraction.

Maybe next year, after a flood of complaints, the OSPI will revisit this counterproductive policy.

All I hope is that no one has to barf.

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