Sunday, December 10, 2006

time after time

Why I haven't blogged recently: I've been...

1. Donating all my spare time to the speech and debate squad (two weekends, two tournaments).

2. Waiting for the switch over to Blogger Beta.

3. Grading finals, working on Sundays and in the evenings to read essays, grade vocab quizzes, assess speeches, check book reports, and catch plagiarizers--make that one plagiarizer, who thought I wouldn't check extra credit. Note to administration: if you want us to have a "meaningful" final exam--and I'm in full agreement there, irked by reports from my freshmen that "other classes don't have to take a final, they're watching a movie, and by the fact that I have to explain why we're still taking a final--if you want us to give a "meaningful" assessment, please give us the time requisite to assessing it. Thank you.

4. Becoming a media darling (see #1).

5. Still waiting (see #2).

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