Friday, November 03, 2006

why this blog will not endorse Aaron Dixon

In my continuing lassitude, I rely on the observations of others, this time the opinion of a trusted UPS student and debate judge.
He spoke for some time about how democracy was emerging in South America; then more about South America. South America...South America has elected so many socialist presidents that they are a quantifiable democracy. They know the true spirit of democracy is socialist presidents. South America some more...and wait! Campaign finance reform! The powers-that-be fear change. As well they should! If given the chance, people would stop voting them into office.

All of this is not to say I did not appreciate Aaron Dixon, the man. Aaron Dixon the politician was jaded, was long winded and gave no solid answers about specific policy reforms for any domestic issues. But the man...he genuinely wanted to change the world. He made clear that he couldn't though.
I had high hopes after the arrest. Too bad they were dashed on the rocks of realpolitik.

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