Monday, October 02, 2006

an open letter to Bruce Guthrie

Dear Bruce,

Just read that you're throwing your life savings into the race against Maria Cantwell and Mike McGavick. Now, I love hopeless contenders as much as the next pundit--and Libertarian Quixotes even more--but since your contribution lets the others dump even more money into the race, your bid is both foolish and counterproductive.

Why not set up a scholarship for bright libertarians, build a hospital somewhere, or establish a floating paradise casino tax haven on a retired aircraft carrier?

Hell, you could even hire me as a consultant.




Bruce Guthrie said...

My loan to my campaign made me the first Libertarian in Washington State history to make the nationally televised debates. It served as a signal that I am a serious candidate. It got me tons of media attention. It exposed the fact that money is what buys you in to the debates. It will bring my message of peace, freedom and hope to thousands of Washingtonians. It will help me point out that the two old party candidates both want to continue the Iraq war, both support the USA PATRIOT Act, and are both really political insiders, who are part of the problem. Don't you think that was worth it?

Jim Anderson said...


I just can't stomach the thought of a libertarian retiring on Social Security. It also surprises me to see a libertarian carping about privatization in the political marketplace of ideas.

In all seriousness, though, it should be apparent that this post wasn't terribly serious.

This country needs a viable third party--or fourth, or fifth, for that matter. If your stunt helps, more power to you--and us.

Bruce Guthrie said...

Sorry, I thought you were being serious when you called third party candidates Quixotes and hopeless contenders, and when you called me foolish and counterproductive.
I guess what confuses me is why you advocate for a viable alternative to the D's and R's, and then cut us down as we work to bring you one. It sounds to me like YOU are the one who is being counterproductive... to your OWN goals.
A vote for Cantwell or McGavick is a vote for the Iraq war and the PATRIOT Act.
If you really want real change, then you can't keep voting for the politicians you've been voting for. Vote for me, Bruce Guthrie, for real change.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

1- it says a little about Bruce to see how level headed he was in his responses here, much less the fact he responded at all.

2- McGavick was going to lose this state without a doubt. SO he was able to pay for more ads and be parted with more money, that's. . . baaaaad. . . how???

3- Why not ask Cantwell and McGavick to pull an Oprah and open a school?

BTW, Bruce has been, and will be a frackin professor. He actually teaches people. What do the two party power brokers do beside vote for the war, more lobby/special interest, patriot act, blah blah blah??

PS, the American government is the largest polluter in the world. How much bigger would you like it to be? I say downsize DC.

4- Why would the thought of a libertarian retiring on Social security bother you? They paid into the system. What bothers me, and should bug you, is the Looooong list of millionaire democrats and republicans that retire on the system that do not need it. So which bothers you the most???

5- Bruce influenced this race. Perhaps just a little, but his voice, and hence the voices of many, were heard. AND best of all, I had a choice I could feel good about.

6- If the government does not do a programme well, shouldn't privatization be even considered as an option?

Perhaps we could agree on not allowing corporatization of a social programme?

Most Libertarians I know are opposed to the blank check fascism allowed by the current republican and democrats.

They are also rightly critical of the NON transparent way that social programmes are run here in the good ole us of a.

Gee, can you blame them for trying???

I guess so.

BTW, don't take this post seriously.