Friday, October 27, 2006

Ken Schram on the Federal Way lawsuit

Lawsuit going down in Federal Way. Mr. Short paragraph has his say:
I'd like to know why EVERY school district in the state isn't in on this.

And I'd like to know why the Washington Education Association isn't stepping up.

Instead, the WEA says it wants to give the legislature one more chance.

Right. Because we all know that the 15th or 20th time is always the charm.

Federal Way has the right idea here.

Pragmatism, maybe? Litigation works, but it's unpopular politically. Could also be that the WEA's already involved in another lawsuit--fighting the EFF again, this time at SCOTUS--and is in the middle of an expensive ad campaign, trying to build up political pressure for a contentious election. The WEA has certainly cheer-led the effort, but left it to districts to decide. Ours, for one, said no.

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