Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the WASL is here to stay, part II: the New Testament

In the Old Testament I predicted that the WASL, like the paraclete and the poor, will be with us always.

Along comes a KOMO article that cast doubts on my prophetic street cred.
"So, I think rather than worry about 'is the WASL measuring the thing or not,' we actually want to keep the motivation and the opportunities high," [UW bio prof Tom] Daniel said.

Marc Frazer, with the Washington Roundtable, says postponing the science WASL is not the answer. He says we need to increase the number of courses students take.

Back in the lab, high school students are learning more than they would ever get out of a textbook.

"I think if other kids had similar opportunities, maybe meeting with real scientists and hearing about what real scientists actually do, then maybe they would become more interested in science," Cameron said.

Daniel added, "If more and more kids in the school system can get involved in science in the region, more and more will do well on standardized tests."
No, I'm not going to retract my oracle, since KOMO only notes that "some" claim we should abandon the test, doesn't name who, and spends the rest of the article giving credence to the view that students, over the next four years, should rise to miraculously meet the WASL in the air.

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