Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OSD recommendations following Monday's meeting

OLYMPIA - An additional Olympia High School counselor and a curriculum director are two new positions that the Olympia School Board gave tentative approval to Monday night....

The district also plans to adopt new textbooks in other areas in the future.

Under the district's existing structure, the curriculum adoption process largely is the responsibility of the executive director of K-12 teaching and learning - an administrator whose duties extend far and wide across Olympia schools.

"It would take twice as long given the staff we have," Lahmann said.

Meanwhile, the complete list of Olympia School District recommendations for new spending on curriculum, special education, teacher training and more also appears poised for board approval. No board members suggested eliminating any of the recommended items, which will be up for a vote in August.
Read the article for a rehash of the recommended items, which have been discussed here before. Read it also to find out why parents of special education students still aren't satisfied, and why spending cuts may be necessary in the near future. Welcome to the zero sum game of educational funding.

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