Saturday, June 10, 2006

well, duh

You'd think it wouldn't take a study, but they studied it anyway. Turns out quality teachers raise student achievement, while inept teachers "drag it down." (Notice that the article leads with the negative. Hrm.)
Low-income and minority children benefit the most from good teachers, the study found. In Illinois' poorest elementary schools with low teacher quality, the average pass rate on state tests was 31 percent. But in similar low-income schools with higher-ranked teachers, the rate jumped to 43 percent, research revealed.
And how do you suppose we can attract and retain quality teachers?

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Anonymous said...

How about decent pay and retirement/health benefits, professional respect and a system of government that requires single-payer health care, provides a social safety-net for the displaced (so kids don't come to school stressed by financial difficulties not of the adult's making, for starters)? Take The Lead!