Tuesday, June 20, 2006

union votes yes in landslide; Olympian scooped

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Move over, old media. Today at 4:45 the Olympia Education Association voted overwhelmingly in favor of approving the district's latest contract offer. By a 175-27 vote, the OEA chose to accept a compensation compromise adding 9 hours of optional time and twelve hours of staff development over two years, among a raft of additional changes.

David Johnston, union president and member of the bargaining team, announced the results, clearly glad to end the impasse. If the union had voted against the proposal, Johnston said he would ask for the formation of a new bargaining team and "fresh ideas."

After a brief question-and-answer period, union members filed down out of the Olympia High School bleachers to collect and turn in their ballots, as Johnston stood at the microphone waiting for anyone to speak for or against the proposal.

This teacher successfully graded fifteen final exams as the discussion and voting took place, and then cast his ballot in favor.

Update: The Olympian posted at 5:19, which I beat (on my other blog, at least) by a full five minutes. Of course, the paper wants to make you wait for the details. We don't play it that way here.

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