Thursday, June 01, 2006

pardon my analogy

We're in the sixth inning, now. Our starter is starting to get a bit winded, but has changed tactics as the game has progressed, mixing in a few offspeed pitches, a changeup or sinker just to keep the batters guessing. The other side, though, has already plowed through several middle relievers. The latest, called from the bullpen after only a couple warmup tosses, can't find his control, and has just walked the bases loaded.
"The community expects a return on the investment of their dollars into the school system," said Mike Reitz, director of labor policy for the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, a conservative public policy research organization. "The teachers being in a position of wanting more pay for no new work is a difficult one for administrators to accommodate. ... That's a free gift of taxpayer dollars."
Yes, it's possible to throw a curveball with too much spin. Down in the dirt, bouncing past the catcher. Another run scores. It's going to be a long sixth.


Anonymous said...

And there's three more innings to go! But, we know we've got the stamina to pull it off with team work!

Jim Anderson said...

Amen, anonymous. Plus, we've got a great crowd cheering us on, and an umpire with glasses. We can't lose.