Saturday, June 03, 2006

letter-writing campaign kicks off

"That's why I'm glad I'm here, maybe I can do something about it."
--Kris Kringle, Miracle on 34th Street

In one of the best-known (and most often parodied) scenes from the classic film, a judge asking for evidence that Santa is real is buried in a pile of letters from the US Postal Service, and tears of joy stream from the eyes of everyone in the courtroom into a river of goodness that stretches from New York to San Diego.

Okay, not quite. But writing a letter--especially a succinct letter--is an important and effective way to communicate our seriousness and resolve to our friends across the negotiating table.

Here's an early draft of my letter.
Dear School Board Members and Superintendent Lahmann,

First, I'd like to thank you for your ceaseless efforts to make the Olympia School District truly world-class. I've spent four years as a high school English teacher at Capital, confident from the first day that I chose the right place to learn and grow as a teacher, even staying with the district through a difficult RIF process because of that same confidence.

Each day this district's teachers sacrifice hours of their time to help students meet rigorous standards. Adding nine hours of optional day time and six hours of staff development is a small but significant way to mitigate that sacrifice. Now that we're financially solvent again, the time is right to take this important step.

I encourage you to accept the OEA's proposal.


Jim Anderson
It takes fifteen minutes to sit down, type up, print off, and mail away a letter. Thanks to the magic of interdistrict mail, it doesn't even cost a stamp. Write yours today, and send it Monday.

Four hundred letters. I've written one. You can write one. Together, we can achieve our goal.

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