Thursday, June 15, 2006

breaking news: new district offer, new meeting time

You read it here first. The district has a new offer. I'll try to explain it as clearly as it was explained to me, but watch this space for David Johnston's commentary later on.

The district's original position: 14 hours staff development.
Our original position: 9 hours optional time, 6 hours staff development.

The district's latest offer:

1. For this past year, retroactively applied: no additional compensation.
2. For the next contract year: 6 hours of staff development in one added day, and 6 hours of optional time.
3. For the year after that: 6 more hours of staff development in another added day, and 3 more hours of optional time.

These days are all added permanently to the contract--once they're there, they stay there. In essence, the district gets what it wants--extra training time--and we get what we want, the added compensation for the work we already do.

Other important changes:

4. Midwinter break would be reduced to accommodate the new days so we wouldn't have to work further into the summer.
5. Teachers would no longer have to fill out timeslips to earn their optional time. Instead, the union would decide how those hours would be apportioned--all at one time, month by month, whatever.

We're meeting TUESDAY, 4:00 at OHS to discuss and possibly vote on this new offer.

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