Wednesday, June 28, 2006

5/17: hitting the big time

I see that a number of you are coming over from the WEA Chinook website, probably wondering what this little blog is all about. It started when David Johnston and I realized that there was no online resource for union news that's updated "live," and no online place for union members to contribute to--and not just watch--the conversation. We also wanted a place where union members could "talk shop," discuss strategy, and learn about upcoming events and calls to action. The blog's role has also expanded into wider educational issues of interest, but its primary function is still the same: interactive access to the information that matters to you.

Now that our first incoming link is in place, it's time for 5/17 to truly go public. From now on, 5/17's posts will be a part of the normal online universe, appearing in search results and fully available to outsiders. Those of you who are currently reading but not commenting, speak up! We need to know who our readers are, and we need to know how we're doing.

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