Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wellness Walk

It was a great sight. Teacher after teacher walking up from the leafy green sidestreets around Knox, and dropping off their letter of support for our contract position. We had some foreboding weather early in the day, the rain pooling in the streets. But the weather cleared just after 3:00 and teacher after teacher met at Heritage Park Fountain, then joined another group at Sylvester Park and continued on to Knox. Many more followed as they showed up from some of the late ending elementary schools.
We were supported in our walk by the Carpenters Union and the Teamsters. It was a fun afternoon of measured, low-key strength. I was proud to be an Olympia School District teacher today and just as proud to be a member of a union, speaking in unity about the respect we deserve. Look for pictures of the walk soon.
Today was a great first step. Let's keep the positive pressure up. My hope is we come out of this both with a contract we can agree to, but a stronger more unified union as we go into the future.

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