Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thanks for showing up! On to Wellness!

We had a solid turnout last night for the Monday Board Meeting. Lots of great buttons and variations of buttons. Nice look with the oversized, upside-down button, Mimi Williams. It was a good, solid start to our efforts to dramatize to the District that we are serious about our bargaining goals and that it is time for local compensation, not more work for more pay.
Thanks to all of you who showed up, and don't forget the Wellness Walk on Wed. the 24th. Meet either at Heritage Fountain, or Sylvester Park. We'll have water for your trek and friendly kids to send you on your way.
Wear a hat and bring your 5/17 button or an appropriate variation of same.
Let's make this a positive, freindly event. Some Knox staff will inevitably want to come out to say hello, so make sure you greet them with warmth. It is an issue we are working through. This isn't about people being for or against us.
A reporter from the Olympian may ask you some questions. My advice is to keep your message focused and positive. "We are symbolizing today how rarely we leave work on time." "We are supporting are bargaining team." "We need to increase compensation for teachers, 50% of new teachers leave in the first 5 years and the number one reason is pay."
See you tomorrow. We need to show up, to show support!

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