Friday, May 19, 2006

Monday Board Meeting 5/22

First, thanks to Jim Anderson, CHS, for being the energy and drive behind pushing me into this communication tool.
Here are a few reminders to those of us attending the Monday meeting at Boston Harbor.
• Be positive. Remember our attendance is in SUPPORT of our contract, not against any individuals.
• Attendance itself is a message. We want to send a message of unity. There is no need to speak to the agenda. If asked, speak in positive terms about our expectations.
• Leaving before the meeting is concluded is appropriate (they can be very long) but leave quietly when you do go. We are not attending to be disruptive.
• If asked by someone (what does your button mean?, why did you come tonight?, etc.), be ready with a short, upbeat message.
-I'm here to support my colleagues and our contract.
-5/17 is the date of the teacher general membership meeting where we voted to support our bargaining team's efforts.
-I'm here to support my bargaining team's efforts.
-I'm here to support a swift, positive solution to bargaining.
• If people want to speak further, gauge whether the setting is appropriate. If the meeting is taking place, it may not be the time. But be willing to go into specifics when the time is right. You can also direct people to me.
David Johnston 352-5255

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